Restored by Design is an EXTRAORDINARY DESIGN STUDIO, now located in Narragansett, in an upstyled garage!! It is an inspiring presentation of handmade, local made (on the premises) eco chic jewelry, apparel, accessories and collected rare finds! Feminine, Boho Chic with a romantic twist and modern edge. All to celebrate the art of creating by hand!


We love to create, and love to collect! The beauty in our past becomes the inspiration to transform, repurpose, reclaim and reinvent the old into stylish new pieces to love once again. 

We have raw materials for your DIY creations as well, from vintage lace, ribbons, collected notions, fabric fragments, buttons, beads, and more!


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Monday: 10am-5pm

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56 Overlook Road
Narragansett, RI 02882






Martha Jackson

Allow me to introduce myself, Martha Jackson, founder and primary fashion designer of Restored By Design. I am passionate about ethical fashion. Creating is a valuable and integral part of my life. This is a dream come true business pursuing joy and following my heart! I aspire to be a multi-faceted designer, remaining inspired and inspiring others. Having a healthy mind, body and spirit, is fundamental, that I may follow my passions for creating with color, textures, patterns, a touch of vintage lace, with a love for beauty, honoring the past. Nature, in particular, flowers, are constant inspirations to my collections. It's important to me, in a small way, to contribute to saving the world!


 Sue Gower from Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods

Sue believes in doing and achieving great things!
And she has been doing just that with Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods. Her love in her work and her passion for sewing shows in her inspiring array of sewing notions, vintage lace and colored ribbons, vintage buttons, special one of a kind fabric swatches, and more rare finds! They are all beautifully displayed, like a museum of wonder!
She has developed her distinct style, which some people have said is as recognizable as Coco Chanel, with a unique attention to detail. "Passion for me goes's not just about business or the money..." and you can see this in her amazing collection.
Born and raised in Rhode Island, she started by collecting buttons over 38 years ago in her small apartment, loving all things small and thus creating magical and precious packages following her inspiration! She has been a highly notable button dealer, studied color theory at RISD, been published in many magazines and books, especially 'The Big Book of Buttons', and has travelled all across the country selling her wares.
She has now settled in to Restored by Design as being her exclusive distributor! She is a must see and a must shop for any creative endeavors you may have! 




Cheryl Dias

Cheryl has been with the company since its inception, bringing her own artistic flair to flowers (see her epoxy-resin flowers in many of the pieces on the site). Born and raised in Rhode Island, she grew up living and breathing through all aspects of jewelry manufacturing, finding her creative love in epoxy painting. She now transforms nature's beautiful flower blossoms into magnificent works of art, including decorative bowls, platters, ornaments, and beads. She has a discriminating eye for restoring even the smallest piece! Martha and Cheryl have collaborated to create numerous pieces – please note when shopping!




  Karima Lahreche-Despres

I am French and have had the good fortune of growing up simultaneously in two very different cultures – Occidental and Oriental – a real blessing since each prizes art and artisanal works in its own way, and both shaped the swirling currents of my life at an early age.
As a child, I was fascinated by my grandmother Halima’s steamer trunks that held silk dresses of a thousand bright colors, and veils with embroidery that shown like a hundred lights! Embroidered linens, silk shawls, velvet housecoats and organdy shirts. Opening them was a magical ceremony that I cherished. And with my young eyes I imagined the most wonderful stories of beautiful princesses prancing about in dresses of a thousand lights, eating delicacies and listening to enchanting music.
Cushioned in those magical moments I began to learn techniques and skills, first with the women of the family and much later, in French schools and ateliers in the beaux arts traditions. And to this day I continue to learn and refine my embroidering, sewing, knitting, crocheting and designs.
I learned millinery and fashion design (Modist) in Les Ateliers d'Art Roanne (Lyon); artificial flowers and plumasserie (feathers) at the Lycée Octave Feuillet (Paris); the art of fine embroidery I perfected at the Maison Lesage (Paris).
I taught fashion design and the métier of couturier in Marseille for many years, and before that embroidery at the French Consulate in Algiers. I now devote myself to my passion – creating unique and beautiful articles, in a spirit of excellence, for exceptional people.