Restored by Design, eco chic boho style  sustainable,  ethical fashion.

Responsible fashion style is reclaimed, reinvented, handmade with love!


We are an extraordinary DESIGN STUDIO dedicated to creating unique, eco chic STYLE,  reinventing fashion. We honor creativity while respecting the earth. Restored by Design is passionate about UPCYCLING, REPURPOSING, REIMAGINING, REINVENTING, diminishing waste, using up pre-loved materials, vintage fabrics and lace, and found treasures, leaving less in landfills. Each piece is one of a kind, handmade with love in the upstyled garage studio in Narragansett, Rhode Island. We nurture creativity, encourage custom design, creating and UPSTYLING FOR YOU by appointment only! for a  more sustainable life. We are passionate about ethical fashion, helping to grow community with style!


Please call 401-241-2143 to schedule an appointment.


Our Mission

To build an amazing ethical, eco fashion brand known for its unique feminine boho style and dedication to a more sustainable future.

Founded in 2010, by Martha Jackson, Restored by Design is creating one of a kind eco-fashion clothing, jewelry, and accessories from “green resources”, USING UP materials, saving them from landfills; 75%  from bygone parts and industry excesses - such as authentic vintage fabric and lace, natural materials, found treasures, semi-precious beads, glass,  resin, wood, shell, and a variety of natural materials.

Part of the fun is in the quest and discovery of special materials, truly treasures (no longer available), the other is in creating each piece!

Her passion is to design and create by reinventing, repurposing, re-using, re-imagining and TRANSFORMING through creative design.  Each unique original is a mix of materials, textures & patterns, paying homage to the past.

You could say it’s all in the mix, it's all in the details! Bohemian chic style with a feminine romantic twist.

Production is LIMITED & LOCAL, HANDMADE in the STUDIO. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to help shift buying fashion sensibilities from fast fashion to SLOW FASHION, to respect and honor creativity and those who create the fashion we wear! Our eclectic "boho" mix of raw materials use a fraction of energy resources to manufacture leaving a low carbon footprint. The real investment is in the creative talents who create these special one-of-a-kind pieces.


Custom design is welcome and certainly encouraged!

Martha has also created the Restored by Design Foundation, healing and empowering women through creativity.

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